Kirtan Kriya for Brain Balancing and Creating New Habits

I go through phases with meditations and right now I am HOT on Kirtan Kriya. This meditation balances the brain, increases memory, and helps in creating new behavioral and thought patterns. I also find it helps calm the chatter in my brain and just feel more sane all around! This meditation can be done daily in as little as 12 minutes. Read the full instructions here.

There are also variations of this meditation that might resonate with you. The first is called Cross Heart Kirtan Kriya. In addition to the benefits listed above or Kirtan Kriya, this variation brings in more heart nurturing energy and heals insecurities. The mantra and hand movement is the same as above, however hands are crossed at the heart center and the chanting is done out loud the whole time. (11-31 minutes).





The second variation is for women only. It is called balancing the moon centers. Yogi Bhajan says of this variation, "This meditation balances the woman's moon centers, her menstrual cycle, and her zodiac moon cycle. It also balances the glandular system. It is one of the most creative and highest meditations for a woman. If practiced for 40 days or more, she can break any habit." I'm IN!

Meditation for Balancing the Moon Centers.