Thank you God for making me a Woman

Today is my 38th birthday. And I want to start this day by thanking God for making me a Woman. I have a longer article that I want to post on this later, but for now I would like to share that as a child, I hated being a girl. As an adult, I have looked deeply into this and on some levels outgrown it. But as I have deepened my self-love practice, I have found many of those early imprints lingering in my cellular memory, influencing my self-esteem and sense of empowerment. And yet, although I can still feel the influence of these feelings, at the same time I have planted new and beautiful seeds of gratitude and celebration of what it feels like to be a strong, feminine, empowered woman. As strange and painful as many of these memories are for me, they have also fueled my purpose and passion in this life: to help women reclaim their power. And so, on this day I was born, I would like to say again, thank you Goddess for making me a woman. Thank you for making me soft and strong, sensitive and resilient, wise and foolish. And may all women on this planet one day feel the bliss and power of the Divine Feminine within and her role in our evolution. 


I had so much fun earlier in the week writing this post about music that uplifts me everyday. I mentioned this song and wanted to share with you today as my gift to you!