i am

Sat Nam! My name is Kewal Nam Kaur. This is my spiritual name that I received from 3HO (Healthy Happy Holy Organization started by Yogi Bhajan, Kundalini Yoga Master) and I decided to start using this name on my 33rd birthday. I find it interesting that many people I know made spiritual leaps around their 33rd birthday......Kewal Nam means Lioness of God who focuses exclusively on the name of God. Seems pretty appropriate as I seem to have a non-stop flow of thoughts and ideas residing in the spiritual realm. Don't get me wrong, I have my vices, distractions, and coping mechanisms, as we all do, but I feel most aligned, most alive, and happiest, when I am focused Spirit. 

In the spirit of the self-love theme of this site, here are some things I love about myself:

I am a highly intuitive and sensitive Being. My emotional intelligence is off the charts. I am learning how to use these tools to raise sensitive/intuitive boys. I have a sweet disposition that attracts sweet people into my life. I feel grounded living in the south (Birmingham, Alabama), yet am fed by traveling around the world. I require and am absolutely nourished by solitude. I rarely feel lonely. I can beat everyone I know in a game of horse (Except maybe Jill). Dancing and music make me manically happy. I couldn't survive without my Coven. I am a visionary and can manifest like nobody's business. I am in love with the man of my dreams. I am comfortable with abundance and generosity comes easily. On that same topic, I have amazing taste ( to me at least) in food, music, clothes, and art and don't mind spending money on these luxuries. I can admit with only a tiny bit of discomfort that I moved these last two down on my list so that I would not appear shallow. I'm obsessed with Kundalini Yoga, all things Divine Feminine, green tea, coming of age movies, white clothes, hammocks, reading, writing, mantra, Thai and Indian food, magical manifesting, self-analyzing, astrology (Vedic, not Western). I am learning to fall in love with my shadow.


Here are traits that I deeply admire in others and would love to nurture more within myself:

People with green thumbs who create beautiful gardens and grow their own vegetables. People who are fully transparent with themselves and others. Patience. Tolerance. Women who don't apologize. Anyone who has written a book. Women who are sharing their truth with the world. Self-confidence. Self-acceptance. People who can cook Indian food. People who are nourished by serving others. Minimalists. Vegetarians. 

And finally, in honor of one of my favorite books, Dark Side of Light Chasers by Debbie Ford, here are (some of) my dark side traits. These are the traits that have plagued me not because of their existence, but because of my shame and denial of them.

My high sensitivity can sometimes spiral downward into easily offended and victim mentality. I can get stuck on an idea and become obsessive and neurotic about it. Probably why I am a good manifestor, but damaging to the nervous system (my own and those around me) if the thoughts are negative. I can use my sweetness to cover my rage. Ahhhh, yes, my rage. I struggle with mental balance. I have tried to self-diagnose and have come up with PMDD, bi-polar, OCD, and anxiety disorder. Then, I decided not to give it a diagnosis and now just call it human. I can be a shitty mom. I can be a good emotional manipulator. I am easily triggered when my self-worth, intellect or spiritual experiences are questioned. I am the least flexible yoga teacher you have ever met. My go to comfort/distraction mechanisms are binge watching tv and buying clothes. And I like to do them in secret. I am a recovering control freak. I have nightmares almost every night. I love the word "Fuck." I'm not really ashamed of this, but I feel like I should be. Ok, I am going to draw the line there, because I don't want my dark side paragraph to be longer than my self-love paragraph.

And now for my creds:

Live and Prosper: Birmingham, Alabama


  • 2004 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Training with 7 Centers Yoga in Sedona, Arizona

  • 2007 60 Hour Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga Training

  • 2011 200 Hour KRI Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Training with Golden Bridge Yoga

  • 2011 and 2012 Level One and Level Two Reiki healing certification

  • Restorative Yoga Therapy Intensive at Kripalu Yoga Center

  • 30 day healing retreat and training in healing unresolved trauma with Spiritual Psychology


  • 18 years practicing yoga and meditation

  • 15 years teaching yoga and meditation

  • 8 years teaching Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan

  • 5 years Birmingham Yoga Teacher Training Instructor of Kundalini Yoga

  • 5 years leading women’s healing workshops